2020/2021 Academic Year

30 September 2020
Stefan Müller (UCD)
Title: Multimodal Determinants of Voter Impression Formation of Female Political Candidates During Televised Debates

7 October 2020
Kieran Mitton (KCL)
Title: ‘A Game of Pain’: Youth Marginalisation and the Gangs of Freetown

14 October 2020
Ana Catalano Weeks (Bath)
Title: When Do Männerparteien Elect Women? Radical Right Populist Parties and Strategic Descriptive Representation

21 October 2020

28 October 2020
Saad Gulzar (Stanford)
Title: Political Quotas and Forest Conservation: Evidence from India’s Scheduled Areas

11 November 2020
Chris Wratil (UCL)
Title: From Rhetoric to Voting: Government Responsiveness in International Negotiations

18 November 2020
Mathilde Emeriau (LSE)
Title: Shipwrecks, Terrorist Attacks and Asylum Decisions in France

25 November 2020
Sarah Brierley (LSE)
Title: Manipulating Leviathan: Public Service Delivery, Corruption, and Bureaucratic Co-optation in Ghana

2 December 2020
Omar Wasow (Princeton)
Title: Agenda Seeding: How 1960s Black Protests Moved Elites, Public Opinion and Voting

9 December 2020
Reed Wood (Essex)
Title: Disease and Dissent: Epidemics as a Catalyst for Social Unrest

13 January 2021
Anna Oltman (UCL)
Title: Protection and Evasion: Refugee Status Determination and Immigration Deterrence

20 January 2021
Sabine Otto (Uppsala)
Title: What Do Peacekeepers Do, Really? A Research Note About Activities in UN Peacekeeping

27 January 2021
Jennifer Pan (Stanford)
Title: Online Criticism and Support for the Chinese Government in the Early Days of COVID-19

3 February 2021
Johannes Lindvall (Lund)
Title: The Changing Faces of the Modern State

10 February 2021
Daniela Donno (Cyprus)
Title: International Incentives for Women’s Rights in Dictatorships

17 February 2021
Yanna Krupnikov (Stony Brook)
Title: No-Blame Republicans and No-Credit Democrats: Does Partisanship Trump Accountability in Handling COVID-19?

24 February 2021
Inken von Borzyskowski (UCL)
Title: When is it “Okay” to Leave? U.S. Public Opinion Toward Withdrawal from International Organizations

3 March 2021
Nita Rudra (Georgetown)
Title: Trade as Villain: The Fading American Dream and Declining Support for Globalization

10 March 2021
Silja Häusermann (Zurich)
Title: TBC

17 March 2021
Judith Spirig (UCL)
Title: TBC

2019/2020 Academic Year

2 October 2019
Kate Cronin-Furman (UCL)
Title: The Things They Carry: Victims’ Documentation of Forced Disappearance in Colombia and Sri Lanka

9 October 2019
Claudio Radaelli (UCL)
Title: Consultation and Corruption: An Empirical Exploration of the Causal Relations in the EU 28

16 October 2019
Anita Gohdes (Hertie School of Governance)
Title: Women Combatants and the Politics of Gender-Selective Killings in the Syrian Conflict

23 October 2019
Jane Green (Oxford)
Title: Majority Expectations and Support for Minor Parties

30 October 2019
Darin Christiansen (UCLA)
Title: How does Violence Shape Mining Investment?

13 November 2019
George Ofosu (LSE)
Title: Under what Conditions do Voters Cross the Party Line?

20 November 2019
Michael Findley (University of Texas at Austin)
Title: Aiding War: Foreign Aid and the Intensity of Violent Armed Conflict

27 November 2019
Ignacio Sanchez-Cuenca (University of Madrid)
Title: The Scope Conditions of the Relationship between Modernization and Democracy

4 December 2019

11 December 2019
Ellen Lust (University of Gothenbug)
Title: Poverty and Clientelism: Do the Poor Embrace Handouts?

15 January 2020
Arturas Rozenas (NYU)
Title: State-Controlled Media and Government Evaluation: A Theory and Experimental Design

22 January 2020
David Fortunato (Texas A&M)
Title: Studying Voters’ Perceptions of Party Brands: Theory, Data, and Strategy

29 January 2020
Anja Neundorf (University of Glasgow)
Title: Political Habit Formation under Democratic and Authoritarian Elections

5 February 2020
Lauren Young (UC Davis)
Title: Repression and Dissent Around a Potential Critical Juncture: Panel Data Evidence from Zimbabwe’s 2018 Election

26 February 2020
Francesca Jensenius (University of Oslo)
Title: Party System Institutionalization and Economic Voting: Evidence from India

4 March 2020
Rob Ford (University of Manchester)
Title: Survey Experiments to Test of the “Progressive Dilemma”: Can Manipulations to the Description of Welfare Policies Activate Ethoncentric Sentiments in the Majority Electorate?

11 March 2020
Kieran Mitton (KCL)
Title: TBC

18 March 2020
Sara Hobolt (LSE)
Title: Playing to the Gallery: Emotive Rhetoric in the British House of Commons

25 March 2020
Saad Gulzar (Stanford University)
Title: Press 1 for Roads: Motivating Programmatic Politics in Pakistan

6 May 2020
Christel Koop (KCL)
Title: Democracy, policy complexity and the politics of competition policy in the Global South

13 May 2020
Christina Zuber (Konstanz)
Title: The Promise of Status-Improvement: How Nationalists Attract Working-Class Votes

27 June 2020
Ben Lauderdale (UCL)
Title: The Variable Persuasiveness of Political Rhetoric

10 June 2020
Sara Hobolt (LSE)
Title: Playing to the Gallery: Emotive Rhetoric in Parliaments

24 June 2020
Jonathan Weigel (LSE)
Title: Local Elites as Tax Collectors: Experimental Evidence from the DRC